WATCH: Bernie Sanders OWNS Rand Paul In This Senate Hearing – With An Assist From Sen. Franken (VIDEO)

Often with Presidential candidates, people like to dig up “old dirt” in the form of pictures, audio, or video that make political opponents look bad. In the case of Bernie Sanders, the opposite may be true. Regardless if people individually agree with Sanders on any individual issue, one thing is true to all: Bernie Sanders walks the walk he talks. And his talk has been consistent since day one.

There aren’t many in politics who are in that league.

“Making sure that seniors have the nutrition that they need is not only the right thing to do, it is the financially smart thing to do,” begins Senator Bernie Sanders in this clip from a Senate committee meeting on the issues surrounding senior hunger.

Sanders goes on to make his case on how preventive care, in this case making sure seniors, then steps in then newly christened Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky. Paul looks down his nose donning spectacles apparently trying to appear as founding fatherly as he can and retorts with a line from his right wing – libertarian playbook:

It’s curious that only in Washington can you spend 2 billion dollars and claim you are saving money. Here’s a thought, ” Paul smugly went on – “perhaps the 2 billion that we spend on OAA if we subsumed that into another program and didn’t spend it that might be saving money.

And that’s when Sanders taught the young Paul the difference between rabble rousing and governing:

Seantor Paul is suggesting that only in Washington do people believe that spending money actually saves money. And I think that is the kind of philosophy that has us spending twice as much per person on healthcare as any other country on earth!

After pointing out example after example, Sanders shows Paul how prevention is indeed cheaper than letting people deteriorate and then be a much bigger burden financially. And Sanders is 100% correct. Study after study shows that at all stages of life, preventative care and better nutrition inevitably save taxpayers and everyone else money directly or indirectly. Yes, money must be spent smart, but it still needs to be spent.

Paul tries to save some face, but Senator Franken steps in for an assist and asks the expert:

My very specific question is does the OAA save money by allowing Seniors to stay in their homes?

The answer was a simple and undeniable … “Yes Senator.”

And Paul’s great philosophy was finished just like that. A philosophy that wants to privatize everything and leave everyone to fend for themselves. A philosophy that simply brushes problems like this under the rug by suggesting generic “charities” just pick up the slack, even though they never have been able to pick up more than a fraction of the slack in the past. Even massive charities like The United Way or The Salvation Army, even though they do work still only manage to put small dents in very large walls.

He (Paul) makes one last desperate attempt by trying to take everything to “absurd” levels. A classic “grasping at straws” move. Franken and Sanders slam him down quickly and succinctly. you have to see it, it’s too funny to spoil;

Check out this definitive exchange HERE:


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