WATCH: Bernie Sanders Goes All In With Chris Hayes On Campaign Finance Reform (Video)

Bernie Sanders has a campaign that seems to be sprinting on all cylinders and his campaign is showing it needs to be taken seriously. He has already had hundreds of thousands of volunteers, raised millions of dollars and though he still trailing by a good margin to Hillary Rodham Clinton he has more than doubled his percentage in recent polling.

His message of returning fairness to our society is resonating with more and more every day. One of his major pet issues is campaign finance reform. Sanders has been a champion against things like Super- Pacs, the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and anything that has put more power into the hands of the already powerful.

This week he sat down with Chris Hayes to talk about the State of campaign finance in today’s election world. He describes how big money interests aren’t even satisfied with Citizens United but want to go further with simply unfettered, unlimited donations, err … I mean “free speech.” A world wher epeople like the Koch Brothers can just sit down and write a check.

This isn’t a big “slam” or “gotcha” interview, just an honest man speaking to the needs of a collapsing middle class.

Watch HERE:

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