WATCH: Bernie Sanders Drops The Mic On Trump’s Call For Him To Run As An Independent

Remember back a few months ago when Donald Trump was afraid that the GOP was going to try and “steal” the nomination from him? There were all kinds of strategizing and wheeling and dealing going on among his opponents, and he was making noises about running as an independent candidate, which would have destroyed any chance the Republican party would have at winning the election. Since he now has the GOP nomination locked up, Trump has been goading Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders into making an independent run of his own. But unfortunately for Trump, Bernie isn’t buying.

The Vermont senator appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 26, where he talked about a variety of things related to his run for the presidency, in particular, the possibility of a debate between himself and The Donald. But when Kimmel asks Sanders a question posed by Trump, the answer the senator gives is probably not the one that the presumptive GOP nominee would like to hear.

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Kimmel tells Sanders that he has a question from Donald Trump, and reads from a note card:

Bernie, you’ve been treated very unfairly. Both primary systems are rigged, but in particular the Democrats’ ridiculous system of super delegates. Will you run as an independent when Debra Wasserman Schultz and the party bosses steal this nomination away from you?

Of course, Trump wants Bernie to drop the “Democrat” label and mount an outside campaign, knowing that doing so would likely give the election to the GOP. He has been making statements to that effect for some time now. But Sanders’ wife Jane put any talk of an independent run for her husband to rest in April, telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that it wouldn’t happen.

Sanders’ response to the question is brilliant. Unlike Republican outsider Trump, who throughout the campaign has threatened to take his ball and go home every time something didn’t appear to be going his way, Democratic outsider Sanders is committed to working with the party, even if he’s not 100 percent happy with the process. He tells Kimmel,

Tell him [Trump] that what I hope will happen is that I will run against him as the Democratic nominee for president of the United States. And if I do, we’re gonna beat him, and beat him bad.

Can anybody give me a “HELL YEAH?”

Here’s the video, via YouTube:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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