WATCH: Bernie Sanders DESTROYS Donald Trump’s ‘Old-Fashioned Racism’ After Candidate’s SNL Performance (VIDEO)

One day after Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders absolutely destroyed the GOP frontrunner.

Standing in front of a crowd of 2,800 people, Sanders called Trump’s vitriol “old-fashioned racism” and said:

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To Donald Trump or anyone else in this country who refer to people from Mexico as rapists and criminals. That is not an American value, that is old-fashioned racism and we will not tolerate it! It is not an American value to talk about rounding up millions of people and simply say that we are going to throw them out of the country. That is xenophobia.

Sanders is 100 percent correct. This country was built on the back of immigrants from all over the world, but Trump and the rest of the GOP forget that. What’s worse is that they forget it, but EMPLOY the very people they claim are “destroying America.” Trump’s businesses would literally not run without immigrants, because Americans certainly aren’t flocking to wash dishes and fold sheets in his hotels.

Watch Bernie eviscerate Trump below:

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