WATCH: Bernie Sanders Brings The House Down On Saturday Night Live (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders showed up on Saturday Night Live in a short but funny sketch this weekend, where he played a passenger on what was suggested to be the sinking Titanic. Railing against the 1 percent getting preferential treatment during the evacuation, he shouted his now well-known phrase “enough is enough,” and told everyone to work together to survive.

Larry David, playing the role of the 1 percenter, and said “That sounds a lot like Socialism,” to which Bernie said, “Democratic Socialism,” explaining when pressed further it was a “YOOGE difference.”

Judging from the crowd’s response, Socialism is no longer such a scary word. When Bernie started ranting about the 1 percent, even in a comedic context, the crowd roared again with applause. Maybe it’s finally time we are waking up to reality in America.

Watch Bernie absolutely kill it in his scene below:

Featured image from video screen capture

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