Watch Bernie Sanders Answer Tough Questions, Be Refreshingly Real And DANCE On ‘Ellen’ (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders has some substantial momentum after Tuesday night’s Democratic debate. That momentum landed him a spot on The Ellen Show this week.

Prior to the show airing, Ellen DeGeneres took to Twitter to share a behind the scenes video of the Senator dancing backstage before making his way to the front of the set.

While Bernie Sanders blushing while dancing is pure internet gold, his appearance on the show wasn’t all silliness. Although, he did have a bit of fun revealing if he is a “boxers or briefs” kind of guy and saying he definitely has better hair than Donald Trump. Ha!

Getting serious, Ellen asked Sanders why the middle class is disappearing. In his extremely consistent response, Bernie outlined the root of many problems we face in America:  GREED.

In Sanders’ own words:

You would think that if one was making billions of dollars, that might be enough to take care of your family, and your kids, right, and your grandchildren. But, you have in corporate America today, you have incredible greed. I don’t know when they think enough is enough. They want more and more and more.

So you have multi-billionaires right now contributing money to candidates. And what these candidates are doing at the behest of the billionaires is ‘let’s cut social security.’ You talk about healthcare for all? They want to throw millions of people off of healthcare and repeal the Affordable Care Act. They want to cut nutrition programs for pregnant women and little babies. 

Watch Bernie Sanders be refreshingly real below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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