Watch Bernie Sanders And Bill Maher Mock ‘Pathological Liar’ And Coward Donald Trump (VIDEO)

In what was starting to look like the greatest showdown since Ali and Forman, ultimately became  Holyfield Vs. Lennox Lewis. Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders (yeah, he’s still in it) spent weeks goading Trump into debating him, which Trump eventually said he would “love to do,” but perhaps realizing that he has absolutely nothing of substance or intelligence to say, Trump ignominiously backed out.

Well, he’s not getting off that easy. 

Sanders is putting all his eggs in the upcoming California primary basket scheduled for June 7. Having been said, Sanders naturally ending his LA-based talk show blitz on Real Time as Bill’s  special interview guest.

I would have loved (the debate), Sanders told Maher, while clenching his fists. Trump claims to be a real tough guy, pushes people around, Sanders said, stating, Hey Donald, come on up and lets have a debate about the future of America.

Bernie would eventually do what made so many ordinary Americans to fall in love with him — he unapologetically offered the unvarnished truth about deliberately deceptive scumbags (my apologies to actual bags) like Trump.

This guy is pathological liar, and I don’t mean to be malicious, but it’s just the damn truth, Sanders noted, predicting that, “He would be not only be an embarrassment, but a real danger to this entire world if he would become president.

Watch the entire interview below:

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