WATCH: Bernie Sanders Admits Why He Lost–And Why He Should Win (VIDEO)

The sun hasn’t quite set on the Bernie Sanders campaign; they still have a way to go, but now that we’re at a point where both candidates can see a clear path to victory — and defeat — they’re starting to reflect on what demographics they got wrong. For Hillary Clinton, it was early that she realized she had lost the young vote, even the young women’s vote in many states. Bernie’s momentum seems to rise because Bernie isn’t lamenting not working for a demographic, he just doesn’t know how to change the status quo.

Bernie Sanders works for poor people, and poor people don’t vote. It’s a sad statistic; one that could be a game changer. As Sanders points out in the video:

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If we can significantly increase voter turnout so that low-income people and working people and young people participated in the political process, if we got a voter turnout of 75 percent, this country would be radically transformed

Yes, it really is that simple. If 75 percent of the poor and working class voted, things would change. Add the middle class to that and what we would see in this country is beyond change, it would be societal evolution.

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