WATCH: Ben Carson’s Friends Call Bullsh*t On Story Of His Youth: ‘We Would Have Known’ (VIDEO)

Ben Carson has made a lot of publicity for himself, with the stories he has been telling about his childhood. He has said already that he tried to stab a friend to death in an argument and tried to use a hammer to bash in his mother’s skull. He keeps saying how he was such a troubled young person but managed to “turn his life around”.

Carson described his temperament as “pathological” and that it would make him totally irrational, which drove him to violence and attempted murder.

Carson claimed that he removed his anger with the power of prayer and said that he had never had an angry outburst since the day he prayed a long time ago.

The problem with all of this is that everyone who knew Ben Carson through his early years, says that this is not true. CNN found many people who knew Carson and every single one said that they had never heard of or seen any of the behavior from Carson that he claims to have wrestled with as a young person.

The people CNN found and were able to get comments from, portrayed Carson as quiet, kind and even “nerdy”. None said that he was prone to violence or had any known history of bad behavior, especially not in regards to the attempted murder(s).

It could be that these people simply didn’t know. However, the people that were spoken to knew him for a VERY long time. Some were even next door neighbors, and they are all saying that the Ben Carson the stories are describing simply does not and never did exist. So what is this all about?

It’s about pandering to religious voters. Carson’s entire sequence of fictional sins and youthful crimes ended immediately on the day he prayed. Full stop. It is an attempt to portray himself as some kind of person touched by the grace of God, to garner votes from a religious zealot base that is distrustful of smart and/or scientific people. You know, people like a Neurosurgeon. Clearly, we don’t all need to be brain surgeons to know when a Republican is lying.

Watch one of the clips from CNN below, regarding the fiction that is Ben Carson’s youth:

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