Watch Ben Carson Lie About Dubious Tree Bark Product Curing His Prostate Cancer (VIDEO)

Considering how rich in comedy he’s proven to be, is it really any wonder that Dr. Ben Carson is running a close second to Donald Trump?

Seriously, who needs trucker caps and classy border fences when you’ve got a potential Herman Cain on your hands? If only he realized how utterly ridiculous (and horrifying) he’s sounded lately, he’d get his own trucker caps.

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In fact, he’s become so daffy that I’m thinking of starting a movement that demands to see his medical degree.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer more than a decade ago, Dr. Carson consulted a highly unorthodox source given his lofty medical background: the medical director of a Texas company that peddles nutritional supplements made of substances such as larch-tree bark.

Larch-tree bark? Um, is he a brain surgeon or Gwyneth Paltrow??

Carson, who has openly rejected climate change and other very elementary science, was caught lying on video making claims that total junk science cured his prostate cancer. The Wall Street Journal recently unearthed a YouTube video of Ben Carson, telling a group of sales associates representing a product called Mannatech, that it cured him “within about three weeks” after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

I guess we can now add infomercial actor to Dr. Carson’s  resume.

Watch the infomercial-like video below of the respected doctor touting junk science:

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