WATCH: Ben Carson Blows A Gasket, Claims Obama Was ‘Less Scrutinized’ Than Him (VIDEO)

Ben Carson finally has started to crack under the public scrutiny that comes with being number 1 in the polls. His seemingly heavily medicated persona of soft speaking and slow “thoughtful” sentences was taken down during a press conference on CNN. Reporters were pressing him for more details on his recently revealed fake West Point scholarship story, and he pretty much lost it on live TV.

As reporters were asking him for more details on the non-existent scholarship he told everyone he had right up until yesterday, Carson snapped and started complaining President Obama was not scrutinized as heavily as is being done to him.

Ben’s quote on this is as follows:

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I do not remember this level of scrutiny for one president Barack Obama when he was running. In fact, I remember just the opposite.

Woaaaah there Ben, let’s let that sink in now shall we? President Obama has had, ever since 2008:

  • endless questions, investigations, expeditions, and God knows what on his birth certificate.
  • investigations on his religious affiliation
  • assertions and inquiries made about his sexual orientation
  • endless demands for his college records
  • investigations into his family, including the father he really never knew, in some “guilt by blood” accusations

That is just a short list and there is more that can be added. Did Ben deal with any of this bullsh*t? Literally any of it? Of course not.

After making the comment about Obama, Carson then went to list ALL the topics of scrutiny that Obama has been under for the last several years. The guy just said that Obama has not been scrutinized as much as him but then listed many issues that Obama was or is still being investigated on by the media, which Carson never had to deal with. Then to top it all off, Carson started complaining that the Media has not investigated Obama enough. It’s like he doesn’t even hear himself speaking anymore.

There really is no way to describe the spluttering eruption of irrationality from  Carson sufficiently, so watch the video of it below for the full experience:

Featured Image via Youtube screen capture

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