WATCH: ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Takes On The Democratic Debate And Comedy Wins (VIDEO)

Comparing the GOP debates to the Democratic debate is like comparing night and day. The Republican debates seemed to be a bad (albeit entertaining) reality TV show full of mud-slinging clowns, while the Democratic debate featured intelligent adults civilly discussing issues.

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While the GOP clown car was happy with cat-fighting and appealing to the lowest common denominator of ignorant voters with shouting and bigotry, the Democratic candidates discussed issues like economic inequality and climate change. Well, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee (who both dropped out of the race shortly after the debate) didn’t have the best showing, but that’s part of the point of having the debates (aside from seeing where candidates stand on important issues) — to weed out the weak or ill-suited candidates.

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When Bad Lip Reading, which is exactly what it sounds like, did a video spoofing the first GOP debate, the results were hilarious and viral. Well, the people at Bad Lip Reading decided to see if they could hit gold twice by doing a spoof of the first Democratic debate. I’ll let you judge for yourselves if the results were as equally hilarious.

Watch a “Bad Lip Reading” of the first Democratic debate:

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