WATCH: Are You Serious? Mike Huckabee Says He Never Said Anything Bad About Gay People

Running for president clearly causes long term memory loss. Just look at it manifesting in Mike Huckabee when he says he has never said anything bad about gay people, or the idea of gay equality in society. No really, he actually said this in front of a camera he knew was recording him. Watch the clip below.

Mike Huckabee is probably the worst offender of anyone who has or is running for President, when it comes to bashing gay people. He is practically a single issue candidate on this.

Huckabee excused his behavior with this bit of ignorance:

I don’t think I have disparaged people. I feel like I’ve held to a very consistent Biblical standard of marriage. Again, I remind you, the same standard of marriage that not only Barrack Obama, but Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, they all had it. It’s just that I still hold the position they’ve held. They changed their mind, they’ve gotten, I’m sure, a lot of wonderful and generous donors as a result of it.

This is a very dangerous person with a severe mental disorder. He just admitted that he thinks hate is not hate as long as his own personal interpretation of the bible says it is ok. Think about that for a moment.

Also, Huck lied because there are several different times that he said offensive things about gay people. Its like you are dealing with a crazy forgetful elderly uncle who thinks you are still 10 years old and it is Christmas time when its actually July and you are celebrating your 45th birthday. What is he, stupid?

Watch Huckabee just say everything wrong in this clip from CNBC:

Featured Image: CNBC screen capture

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