WATCH: Anti-Gay Lunatic Wants America To Repent For Harry Potter’s ‘Homosexuality’ WTF? (VIDEO)

You seriously have got to watch this one. Kevin Swanson, organizer of the National Religious Liberties Conference, went completely unhinged on stage and started shouting and screaming for America to repent for its sins.

Among the things Kevin Swanson cried for America to repent for, was Harry Potter because Dumbledore was gay. No really, he said this. Watch it in the video below.

America needs to repent for a fictional British wizard we didn’t even create because he was gay. Are you freaking serious? He also said that we have to repent for the movie “How To Train Your Dragon”, Abortion, “stumbling children”, and country music stations. Honestly, WTF?

Swanson said, paraphrasing from the bible, that it would be better for the nation’s children have a millstone tied around their neck and drowned than to be “stumbled” by Dumbledore and “How To Train Your Dragon”. I think he means it would be better if our children were murdered before they were allowed to see a gay character in a childrens’ story. Since he is so against abortion, I find the idea of murdering children so they don’t read Harry Potter a strange one.

Swanson also thinks that LGBT people should be executed,but at least he will give them a chance to repent before they are killed. Well, at least he is being reasonable, right?

Watch Kevin Swanson’s insane meltdown in this video below:

Featured Image via Youtube screen capture

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