Watch: Ann Coulter Calls For Voting Test And Gets Schooled On The Constitution By A Rare Fox News Voice Of Reason (Video)

Brian Kilmeade and Ann Coulter agree – Requiring literacy tests and civics tests to vote are great!

Did you do a double facepalm too?

After America recovers from their collective facepalming, rest assured that a rare liberal voice on Fox and Friends at least tried to set them straight. Nomiki Konst, from “The Accountability Project” pointed out the unconstitutionality of ideas like those or poll taxes and the fact that they go against the 1965 Civil Rights Act. And thankfully, that’s the part that’s still hanging on for dear life as a law since the conservative SCOTUS took a hatchet to it.

Ann Coulter, also on the program, responded by essentially putting her fingers in her ears and yelling “la la la” as she spouted nonsense and propaganda about “democrats” having post Civil War literacy tests.

If you’ve never seen this little right wing play, it’s clever, but easily debunked. Yes, democrats did have literacy tests for blacks after the Civil War, as well as starting the KKK. In fact southern racist democrats up through around 1965 packed the Democratic Party.

Then, Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act and most of them immediately jumped ship and the “dixiecrats” became Republicans. Some even left before that. KKK leaders were advertising for Goldwater, a Republican, in 1964, and they have remained there ever since.

So the Coulter talking point about Democrats is a farce.  Remember that someone tries to spread those lies.

But back to the Fox and Friends idiocracy, describing more would probably take away from the sheer entertainment value of Coulter and her Chumleyesque host getting schooled by Konst.

Watch HERE:


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