Watch Angry Trump Supporter Burn His Republican Voter Registration In Rebellion

Seven years ago the GOP had a plan to destroy the legacy of newly elected President Barrack Obama, a plan that was as ludicrous as it was myopic. Their scheme seemed simple enough, turn the American people against the Obama administration by creating so much mistrust and anger towards the federal government that the voters would fearfully come scurrying back to Republicans to save them. Unfortunately for the GOP, their plan worked a little too well. Public mistrust of the government exploded into full-blown paranoia, and all the anger that Republicans had created over the years was now being used against them by a silver-tongued demagogue by the name of Donald J. Trump.

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For the first time since the Civil War, Americans were being told by a major political party that the government was evil and the cause of all their problems. It was a dangerous gambit the GOP was running, especially during a time of heightened anxiety caused by increasing income inequality, the loss of manufacturing jobs due to corporate greed and outsourcing, and a heavy rise in terrorist activity around the world. Essentially it comes down to this, over the past 7 years Republicans have killed the brand, that brand being government. Now, the ultimate sleazy ad executive, Donald Trump, is taking that brand and is recreating it in his own image.

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Over the past several months, the reality show king of all drama, both real and imaginary, has masterfully harnessed the fear and anger created by the GOP to capture an outraged and uninformed voter base. While Trump supporters certainly come in all political shapes and sizes, a great many of them are former lifelong Republicans who are now abandoning the sinking ship of the GOP to jump on an out of control Trump Train.

While Donald Trump may speak often about his dream to build a great wall between the United States and Mexico, in a very real way he has already built a wall between his supporters and the rest of America, a wall that clearly states,”When I win it’s because I’m a genius and a winner, and when I lose it’s because the corrupt party machine cheated me and stole my victory from me.”

The latest example of Trump spouting sour grapes in an attempt to once again rile up his supporters, comes after Ted Cruz’s controversial win in Colorado this week, a win that, due to caucus rules, left many Republican voters feeling alienated and totally left out of the political process. Trump told Fox News on Monday:

What kind of a system is this? Now, I’m an outsider, and I came into the system and I’m winning the votes by millions of votes. But the system is rigged. It’s crooked.

A last straw for many Colorado Republican voters who now say they will leave the GOP for good. One such former Republican voter, Larry Lindsey, let his anger be known by posting a video to YouTube of himself burning his Republican Party Registration and pledging to never vote Republican again. In the video, Lindsey proclaims:

You’ve had it. You’re done. You’re toast. Because I quit the party, I’m voting for Trump, and to hell with the Republican Party.

Whether you are a Trump fan or not, I think everyone can agree that the anti-establishment campaign of Donald Trump and, to a lesser degree Bernie Sanders, has caused a massive political shift in this country. It is a shift that, while currently damaging, may eventually lead to a viable 3rd or even 4th party that could wrestle away the consolidated power of the elites and billionaire class and perhaps give the average American more power over our now failing political system.

Watch Former Republican Larry Lindsey Burn His Republican Voter Registration Here:


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