WATCH: Alex Jones’ Infowars Lackeys Challenge Van Jones To Street Debate And Get Schooled (VIDEO)

Somebody lied and told a group of Alex Jones’ Infowars newbies that it would be a splendid idea to ambush interview CNN commentator, Van Jones.

Owen Shroyer, a committed Alex Joes acolyte, approached Jones as he was walking down the street in Cleveland attempting to get an interview. Instead, what he and his friends received was a lesson in how to actually engage in an intelligent conversation with someone much smarter than they are.

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Jones spoke with Shroyer and his friends for over 30 minutes, in which time they discussed things like Black Lives Matter, Ferguson, police brutality, racism in America, and the corporate media.

One of the best things about the interview was how Jones managed to be the adult, and focus the conversation away from the strawman and red herring arguments that the immature interviewer and his friends constantly bombarded him with. He was respectful, genuine, and very honest while maintaining his progressive point of view, as he always is.

The funniest thing about the interview was the fact that although Jones was the person who kept the discourse civil and productive, it was Shroyer who at the conclusion took credit for bringing out the “real” Van Jones. Shroyer even offered the commentator a backhanded compliment by stating that he wished Jones would be as real on TV as he was in their interview.

Van Jones consistently made the point that people in America need to learn how to talk to each other and find common ground to agree on and build. Unfortunately, his lesson was lost on Shroyer and his crew, who after having a civilized 30-minute conversation with a liberal, went back to his comfort blankie and attacked the left while patting himself on the back.

And as far as debate skills go, Shroyer and his friends are still about 400 years too early to take on the likes of Jones.

I would strongly encourage you to take the time and watch the entire interview. It really illuminates the vast divide between those of seeking a greater understanding through reason and those who strive to dominate through ideological rhetoric.

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