WATCH: Adulterer And Tea Party Member Cindy Gamrat Apologizes For Affair, Refuses To Quit Legislature (VIDEO)

Cindy Gamrat — who is the pinnacle of Tea Party, Republican, Christian Family Values Tea Party hypocrisy and a great example of how no Republican can hold themselves to the same standards they use to judge others in Jesus’ name — is refusing to resign from her office after a completely ludicrous fictional story was spun by her one time boyfriend, GOP Rep. Todd Courser. Gamrat was caught having an affair (of course she was) with Courser recently, and Courser engaged in an absolutely bizarre campaign of misinformation to try to deflect attention from it.

Courser thought it was a good idea to cover the affair with Cindy Gamrat by saying he was being blackmailed for having gay sex with a male prostitute. He also refuses to resign, because OF COURSE he does.

Yes. He thought that with him being a Republican/Tea Party member, it would be BETTER if his voters thought he was having gay sex with male prostitutes than having a simple affair with a woman. I just can’t even on this one.

Gamrat, on the other hand, insists that she did nothing wrong “officially” as a member of the Michigan legislature. She stated:

I believe an open and honest investigation will vindicate me. I intend to continue to represent my district to the best of my ability, and I look forward to re-engaging with my constituents in the days ahead.

Gamrat is also proud of the fact she bases legislation on Christian beliefs, because again, we all know how important Christian beliefs are to the fabric of society. Remember that commandment about your neighbor’s wife?

Gamrat may just leave this in shame, but otherwise intact, it she really didn’t have anything to do with the cover up. Courser might fare differently, since he used state money and time to engineer this escapade and could be open to criminal charges as a result.


Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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