Watch Activists Infiltrate Convention And Mock Republican Who Denied Healthcare To Poor

Perhaps you recall Republican state Senator Todd Gardenhire (R-Tenn.), apparently unfamiliar with camera phones,  getting caught on film calling an uninsured activist in Tennessee an “a-hole.” Gardenhire had rejected a plan to expand Medicaid to 280,000 uninsured residents in Tennessee. After all, they’re eating lobster while getting facials and mud baths, so it’s not like they need it anyway.

Well, it seems the state Senator got his arse handed to him with a side of coleslaw by a group of health-care activists.

During a dinner at the 2015 National Pachyderm Convention, two women in evening gowns identifying themselves as a group called “Millionaires for Wealthcare” infiltrated the event and took to the stage carrying a giant silver spoon.

The activists and merry pranksters presented Republican Senator Todd Gardenhire with the “Silver Spoon Award” for, they sarcastically said, “keeping health care in the hands of those who can afford it.” It was seriously like a satirical version of Mitt Romney’s  infamous 47 percent remarks. Naturally, the women were escorted out.

Watch the exchange below:


Featured image via screen capture from YouTube

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