WATCH: A Surprise Guest Flew In To Join Bernie At His Rally In Portland (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders was speaking to a crowd in Portland on Friday when a surprise guest flew in and joined him on stage. The crowd began laughing when a tiny bird landed on the floor next him. When Bernie started speaking about it, the little bird hopped up and perched itself on the podium as if he wanted to listen from a better vantage point. The little guy must have been “Feelin’ the Bern” and wanted to show his support. After a few seconds, he flew away and Sanders suggested that the bird was “really a dove asking us for world peace.”

Remember that time Donald Trump was attacked by an eagle? Yeah – I’m sure you haven’t forgotten about that, but just in case, here’s a short clip for your viewing pleasure:

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The scene in Portland was definitely a lot different than the one above. Clearly animals really can tell the difference between good and evil. Bernie’s little friend hung out and wasn’t at all phased by the large, very loud crowd and he definitely didn’t seem to mind being inches away from Bernie. I think it’s safe to say that Bernie got that bird’s endorsement and if he needed any help winning over the crowd, that little guy didn’t hurt in that department. Everyone in the room was obviously having a great time!

The symbolism of the moment didn’t go unnoticed by the people of Portland. A term made popular by the sketch comedy show Portlandia comes to mind. The show, which is filmed in and around Portland, OR, coined the phrase, “Put a Bird on It,” which sort of spoofs the large hipster population in the area. Bernie probably hasn’t seen or even heard of the show, but hopefully someone has sent him a clip by now.

Watch Bernie and his bird in the video below:

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