Watch A Retired General Explain How Bush’s Iraq Blunder Created ISIS (VIDEO)


Although it has been nearly 8 years since Dubya has left the oval office to go and paint feet and make his ranch safe from brush, we’re still cleaning up the massive mess left by the Bush Administration’s abortive invasion of Iraq. Tak, for example, the rise and spread of ISIS. Prior to our invasion and toppling of Saddam Hussein, Iraq did not have religious extremists.

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Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) brilliantly reminded us last year that it was, in fact, the Bush administration that allowed ISIS to come to power. But now a former U.S. special forces commander is saying the Bush Admin. was responsible too, which has way more sting. 

General Michael Flynn is bashing the Bush administration, citing their epic failure in Iraq as the primary motivator for the creation of ISIS.

Watch Retired General Explain How Bush’s Blunder Created ISIS:

The Bush administration will forever be associated with flagrantly lying to the American public and costing thousands of lives all in the name of hubris.  Like a child at another kid’s birthday party, they knew they can make a huge mess and kick crap everywhere since somebody else would clean it up. Little did they know that the clean-up would still be going on 8 years later.

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