Watch A Group Of Disabled People Hilariously Make Fun Of Trump (VIDEO)

Not a day goes by without Donald Trump stepping into a new luxurious pile, which somehow is your fault and not his. It’s truly remarkable to see the top GOP candidate freely tear into every kind of American while seeking the highest office in the land. Maybe he thinks he’s still on The Apprentice and they will edit this stuff out in post-production.

But the Donald reached a whole new level of sh*tbaggery that did not previously exist when he mocked a disabled reporter.

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He’s a classy guy, right? Anyway, it seems BuzzFeed video put out a comedy sort that features several people with disabilities absolutely laying into Trump.

Not only did I write a book entitled Crippled America, one man began to say in a manner similar to Trump, but I also make fun of crippled Americans. Adding, I’ll sign either one.

As a comedian, all I can say is “not bad” and “bravo.”

Watch the entire video of people with disabilities mocking Trump below:


Featured image via screen capture

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