Watch: A GOP Congresswoman’s Passionate Plea For Transgender Acceptance

The Human Rights Campaign has launched, Moms For Transgender Equality, highlighting the importance of loving, accepting and supporting trans individuals through motherly intuition and nurture.

One mother, in particular, might come as a surprise to some. Republican Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who has served in the U.S. House of Representatives for over 25 years, issued a passionate plea for transgender acceptance while discussing the journey of her son, Rodrigo, who is a trans man.

In the video, the giddy Ros-Lehtinen sticks it to faux-Christians, saying “Every child is precious. God has formed that child to be what he or she is. Support is so important.” She also touched on the scores of violence who those within the trans community face, saying:

We worried about his [Rodrigo’s] safety and we worried about any bullying. There are many unsafe communities throughout the United States. It’s a difficult situation for so many kids. We can’t sugar coat it and pretend that the violence does not exist. So many kids are thrown out of their homes. So many kids turn to suicide. And what a waste of a precious life that is.

I would say to all the parents finding this out to talk to your child, and love them and give them encouragement and help them through that journey…I like to speak out about this issue because what I want is that every child or every adult who goes through this transition to know that there’s a cushion there, that there’s a support system.

Ros-Lehtinen is arguably the most steadfast supporter of LGBT rights in the Republican Party. She has a 100 percent rating from the Human Rights Campaign, and co-chairs the House LGBT caucus. She has voted in favor of repealing the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, the Respect For Marriage Act, and voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment.

In 2013, Ros-Lehtinen made headlines in an interview when asked about her support for her trans son, and her courageous and beautiful response was:

It’s important for families to support their children and to support their children’s choices. It’s important to listen to your children, accept your children and have your children know that you love them unconditionally. It’s not “I love you, but…”—there’s no “but.”It’s just “I love you.” … To do otherwise is—you’re hurting yourself, you’re going to shun your child or grandchild. You’re going to say, “No, I have my views and my views are the perfect views and no one can have a different point of view. I’m right and everything else is wrong.”And that’s a lonely way to live. It just means you’ll be out of that person’s life, and who wants to be cut out of their child’s life?

Republicans could learn a huge lesson from the Congresswoman, who attributes her positions on LGBT rights to the extreme human rights violations in her native Cuba. Having government control, the lives of gay and trans individuals is an affront to everything America stands for, and this Republican knows it.

Watch Ros-Lehtinen’s interview here:

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