Watch A Former Obama-Hating Republican Talk About How Obamacare Saved His Life (VIDEO)

Cognitive dissonance is very strong with today’s feces-throwing Republican Party, but the exploitation of working-class people (mostly whites) has been around longer than that thing on Trump’s head.  After President Johnson conceded the south to the Republican Party with the passing of the Civil Rights Act, cynical Republicans have been exploiting xenophobic, homophobic, and racial sensitivities to secure votes.

This was always mostly a subtle “wink wink” type of policy. However, the election of President Obama and now the presidential campaign of Donald Trump has made it more flagrant and nasty than ever before.

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Dismantling the Affordable Care Act (or simply Obamacare) has been the GOP’s favorite game, next to Benghazi Bingo of course. They’ve done everything in their power to spread outrageous lies about its impact, which had a massive effect on the American people’s opinion of it. Take Brent Brown, for example. Brown, a republican from Mosinee, Wisconsin, never voted for President Obama or liked him, but this past June, Brown wrote to the President thanking him for saving his life.

Here’s a snippet from his letter to President Obama:

To My President,

I sincerely hope that this reaches you, as far too often praise is hard to come by. Apologies to people who deserve it perhaps even less so.

I did not vote for you. Either time. I have voted Republican for the entirety of my life.

I proudly wore pins and planted banners displaying my Republican loyalty. I was very vocal in my opposition to you–particularly the ACA. Before I briefly explain my story allow me to first say this: I am so very sorry. I understand written content cannot convey emotions very well–but my level of conviction has me in tears as I write this. I was so very wrong. So very, very wrong.

Brent’s story seems to coincide with Bill Maher’s recent “New Rule” about Republicans caring about issues only when it personally affects them. Putting a personal face on real life and major problems like climate change and health care is really not something most Republican care about. After all, they only care about people when they’re corporations. And while Obamacare does have its problems and needs to be modified in a lot of ways, there is absolutely no denying the positive impact it has had on millions of Americans. Americans like Brent, for example.

Watch Previous Obama Hater Discuss How Obamacare Saved His Life, Introduce Obama At Event:

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