Watch A Delusional Ted Cruz Argue With An Even More Delusional Trump Supporter

As July quickly approaches and the Republican Party continues to self-destruct, largely due to the 24-hour snake oil sales pitch of Donald Trump, a very small part of me almost feels sorry for the most delusional man to ever hit the campaign trail – Ted Cruz. After last week’s humiliating 5 state loss, most rational human beings would decide that it’s time to throw in the towel and call it a day, however, Ted Cruz has never been accused of being rational or even human for that matter.

Cruz, a man who has about as much of a chance of winning the Republican nomination as Ben Carson has of becoming the new host of the Dr. Oz Show, is so deep in denial that instead of giving his concession speech, he comically chooses Carly Fiorina as his running mate. It was a move sure to make our grandchildren’s history books read like a Mad-Lib written by a meth-addicted helper monkey. Whats next? John Kasich approving the menu for his inauguration dinner?

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As the Cruz campaign traveled to Indiana this week, the Evangelical hopeful was confronted by a group of people even more delusional than him, Trump supporters. At a rally this past Monday in Marion, Indiana, Cruz went head to head with Trump supporters who were so misinformed and batsh*t crazy, they actually made the Texas Senator seem fair and balanced by comparison. Angrily chanting “do the math” and “lying Ted”, the crowd pulled no punches as they demanded Cruz drop out of the race while singing the praises of Donald Trump, the only man they believe can save our country from ISIS, illegals, and Muslims.

In response to the crowd’s overwhelming fervor, Cruz tried to have a rational conversation with the group of fanatical Trump supporters, a move that may be his most ridiculous to date. Playing on the crowd’s hate for the media and all things government, Cruz tried to manipulate the protesters’ anger in hopes of turning them against Donald Trump and asked,

Ask yourself two questions: One, why is it that the mainstream media so desperately wants Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee? And why is it John Boehner supports Donald Trump?

A strategy that had little effect on a group of rabid supporters who are so loyal to the Trump brand, the bombastic reality TV show candidate could literally stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose a single vote.

Watch Cruz mix it up with rabid Trump supporters here:



Featured Image via Less Grossman 2015 YouTube screengrab

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