That Time A 94 Year-Old Black Woman Ripped The GOP A New One On Voting Restrictions (VIDEO)

Realizing it’s so much easier to set up barriers to prevent minorities and the poor from voting than actually bettering their lives, Republicans count on voter ID laws and other onerous burdens to stymie voting by minorities.

After all, it’s the only way to help them realize their wet dream of having a Republican obstructionist majority in the Senate, too!

Ever since the Republican takeover in 2010, 22 states have passed new forms of voting restrictions, including voter IDs, which were designed to make it harder for minorities, the poor, and elderly to vote.  We all know that voter fraud is about rampant in American as cases of Ebola, so I won’t even bother dignifying that Republican claim any further than it already has. But one elderly African-American lady who lived during the Jim Crow years is really not buying it, and she’s taking the GOP to task.

Meet Dorothy Guilford. Dorothy, a 94-year old African-American from Alabama, has lived through the Jim Crow era in Alabama and therefore has seen it all. Dorothy, although 94 years of age, is sharper than the entire Congress. Here message regarding voter restrictions is simple but succinct: “I don’t think that’s right.”

Via The Southern Poverty Law Center: 

When she first became eligible to vote, she had to take a literacy test and pay a poll tax of $1.50, a sum worth about $25 today. Anyone who couldn’t read or couldn’t pay the tax, which accumulated, couldn’t vote. Most white voters, however – those whose ancestors were on the voting rolls prior to the Civil War – were exempt from the test.

Poll Tax Reciept from 1932. Image @ Southern Poverty Law Center

Poll Tax Reciept from 1932. Image @ Southern Poverty Law Center

Dorothy vividly remembers the horrors of that day, including hearing a bomb explode on the front porch of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s parsonage during the boycott and watching the Freedom Riders viciously beaten by Klansmen while police looked the other way. During that time, the segregationists made up the democratic establishment in the south. That, of course,has dramatically changed. Dorothy now sees a Republican party hell-bent on disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of otherwise eligible voters in Alabama and elsewhere. In fact, the upcoming midterm election will be the first instance in which voters are legal required to produce one of 10 specific types of identification.

“It’s important,” Guilford says emphatically,“for everybody to be able to vote and let their choice be known.” (Southern Poverty Law Center) 

Watch Dorothy’s very strong but eloquent message below:

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