WATCH: A 12-Year-Old Is Running Trump’s Colorado Campaign Office

We have often joked that it seems as though an angry child is running for President of the United States because of Trump’s propensity for insulting everyone who disagrees with or challenges him. So it should come as no surprise that we learned there is an actual child running one of his campaign offices.

According to KMOV News:

In one of the most important counties in swing state Colorado, Donald Trump is relying on 12-year-old Weston Imer, who runs the Jefferson County operation for the Trump campaign.

Jefferson County is one of the most populous counties in Colorado and is part of the Denver metro area.

Weston’s job is to organize volunteers who will go out into the county and stump for Trump. The child says that his goal is to inspire other kids,”Get involved. That’s what I’m going to say. Get involved. Kids need to be educated.”

First, let me say that it is very cool that this kid is so involved in our political process. I truly believe the earlier we can get children to take an interest in the voting process, the better it is for our country in the long run. Too often we see young adults who do not think it is important to go to the polls and cast a ballot, this is something that we have to work together to change. So, seeing someone as young as Weston volunteering his time is refreshing.

However, it is pretty humorous that the Trump Campaign is allowing a kid to run one of his offices in a vital swing state. A swing state that polls show he is currently losing to Hillary Clinton. A logical person would think that perhaps an experienced adult should be in charge of such an important job, but as we have seen over the last year, Trump is anything but logical.


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