Watch: 2 Minutes That Put The President’s Immigration Policy Into Perspective (VIDEO)

The President’s recent speech on his executive actions pertaining to immigration was very matter of fact. “We are a nation of immigrants.” he said, “We are also a nation of laws.”

Conservatives have been trying to vilify the President’s actions on immigration, calling them things like unilateral. Of course they’re unilateral, they’re executive actions.

Sometimes I just wish the obvious would be more… obvious… to conservatives.

What they don’t seem to understand is that Presidential policy on immigration has remained unchanged for quite some time. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush have both been quoted on immigration, and some key points remained intact.

This President, of course, is held to a different standard. While the House Of Representatives sat and did nothing but vote to repeal the ACA for a couple of years the President asked for immigration reform. After the senate actually worked together to put a bill on the table, the House did nothing.

This video takes speeches by Bush and Obama and puts an absolutely perfect perspective.  There was no outrage when Bush talked amnesty, there was no uproar when Bush said “we are a nation of immigrants.”

Bravo to Nashville News for putting this together.


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