WATCH: 13-Year-Old Girl Trashes Trump The Chump In Viral Music Video

Thirteen-year-old Molly Bergman recently made a music video in which she completely lambastes, lampoons, and otherwise completely shames Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The song, titled Dear Mr. Trump, has already garnered nearly 100k views on YouTube. In it, she makes fun of everything from him getting fired from his own reality TV show, to his trophy wife’s racy not-for-children photographs. Examples are in the video at the end of the article. Imagine this as the first lady of the United States of America.

“Wouldn’t it be shady, if she were our first lady”

Donald Trump Wife

Donald Trump’s wife. Photo: Courtesy of Youtube Screen Capture and edited by Christian Drake for IYON

Wouldn’t it indeed?

Molly also called out Trump on his disparaging comments about women, some of which prompted women everywhere to live tweet their periods to him with the hashtag #periodsarenotaninsult. This happened after he accused Fox News’ Megyn Kelly of being on her period when she was questioning him during the recent republican debate.

 ‘But that’s not gonna take place, because you are so off-base. And before you exit grinning, please apologize to women.’

Molly clearly has a bright future in music, unlike Trump’s future in politics.


Featured Image Courtesy of Youtube Screen Capture

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