WATCH: 12 ‘Christian’ Republicans Say How They Feel About Pope Francis In 120 Seconds. (VIDEO)

Republicans are supposedly the party of Jesus Christ, God, Christianity etc. etc. etc. That is, unless there is no profit in it for billionaires or corporations. If that is the case, then they suddenly have a real crisis of faith.

The Jesus of the bible is very implicit, if not blatantly direct, about how he feels about wealth, and the greedy hoarding of it in the face of desperate poverty. He also implied that government was not inherently ungodly or evil, and was more upset at the “free-market” money changers in the temple than the Roman tax collectors.

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However, let us never let the nuanced facts ruin a good Republican temper tantrum when the Pope reminds them that Jesus said they had to share their toys.

Watch this short compilation of disgusting comments about Pope Francis, by hypocritical, overpaid Fox News commenters.

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