WATCH: 1 Minute Video Of Child’s Cartoon App Brilliantly Sums Up The Republican Party’s Debate Strategy (VIDEO)

Tonight is the fourth Clown Cardebate and it will surely be just as bad as all of the other ones — filled with outrageous lies and lots of yelling. While cruising the internet before tonight’s debate, we came across a YouTube video that perfectly sums up what a Republican debate looks like to the American people.

The video, titled “Dueling Carls” was uploaded on YouTube in 2010 and it looks like it was made by a child. It shows what happens when two phones with the “Talking Carl” app are placed next to each other. Talking Carl is a little red cartoon character that you can download onto your phone for your children to play with.

In the video, a child’s voice says:

This is Talking Carl, he repeats everything you say and he’s going to get in a fight.

The video then shows the two Talking Carls trying to talk louder than the other one. That is exactly what the GOP candidates — especially Trump — do whenever they are on stage together. Their “be as obnoxious and insulting as we can” strategy allows the focus to be taken off of their non-existent policies.

Watch the video and tell us what you think:

Featured image via video screenshot

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