Was Phoenix Anti-Islam Rally Unconstitutional? Muslim Congressmen Ask Loretta Lynch To Find Out

As it may turn out, the anti-Islam rally held outside a mosque in Phoenix, Arizona, last week by Jon Ritzheimer, infamous organizer and failed fundraiser-turned-running-scared-whiner, may have been – are you ready for this? – unconstitutional. That’s what the only two Muslim members of the U.S. Congress are wondering anyway. U.S. citizens should be no more intimated away from their places of worship than they should be from the voting booth, don’t you think?

Ritzheimer organized his event to coincide with another “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest, as well, responding to the recent event in Garland, Texas, organized by Pamela Geller, where two men opened fire on security at Geller’s “Draw Muhammad” contest and were ultimately killed by authorities. Ritzheimer’s rally was held outside an Islamic community center – the same Islamic community center, rumor had it, the two men who attacked Geller’s rally allegedly attended. And Rizheimer made sure to emphasize that everyone should bring their guns, too.

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Thankfully, Ritzheimer’s event was largely uneventful, save for the sideshow factor of watching a bunch of ammosexuals and bigots rage, rage against the dying of the Right. Since then Ritzheimer’s begged for $10 million on GoFundMe for the “safety of his family,” guaranteeing he “refuses to profit” from the rally, offering to donate what’s left to an unnamed children’s hospital, only to have GoFundMe yank the effort in less than a day. Now he’s whining across media online that “hackers are ruining his life,” as if no consequences might blow his way for organizing such an ignorant rally.

Well, Jon Ritzheimer, just when the hackers get you by the balls, count on the federal government to show them how to give you that extra squeeze. Democrats Keith Ellison and Andre Carson sent a letter along to Attorney General Loretta Lynch this week seeking the launch of an investigation into “whether armed demonstrators outside of mosques violates the First Amendment rights of worshippers and… The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act [FACE].” Ellison and Carson are concerned “armed demonstrators shouting hate speech” outside of places of worship would too readily create “an environment that is likely to produce imminent violence.” Right or wrong, they claim that First Amendment rights are not necessarily “absolute” and believe action needs to be taken.

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Armed protesters intimidating worshipers at churches, synagogues, mosques, or any religious place of worship seems to be exactly the behavior that Congress sought to outlaw when it passed the FACE Act. Enforcement of the law should not vary based on the religious affiliation of those being intimidated.

The presence of assault weapons couple[d] with deep seeded bigotry and hate speech creates a clear and present danger to worshipers and threatens lawless action.

Sounds like they have a point, Jon. Now you just have to recognize that even folks a shade darker than you have just as much a right to that First Amendment as you do. And guess what, the same goes for the rest of the Constitution. Next time, try not to walk all over the constitutional rights of your fellow Americans while standing up for Americans’ rights.

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