Was Marco Drunk? Rubio With No F*cks Left To Give, Goes On Late Night Twitter Rampage (VIDEO)

Here’s a fun fact: you can actually get drunk on water. It’s called water intoxication, and it’s very dangerous. So understandably a lot of people were a little worried about Marco Rubio when the soon to be former one-term Florida senator took to Twitter late Monday night to unload a few things off his chest.


The senator took aim at the what he described as the media’s irresponsible practice of using unnamed sources to predict his future plans.

Let’s begin.

Well, he’s not lying about that. All presidential candidates probably have a handful of staffers who enjoy the anonymous celebrity that comes with being an “unnamed source.” This probably makes up for having to clean up after rallies.

Let’s continue.

“Like 10,000 times” dude! Apparently, the stress has made Rubio revert to his adolescent stage. It’s also clear that the number of Floridians supporting his eventual private citizenship is far more than 10,000.

Oh, Marco. Come on man. You’re just not that guy. It’s time to accept that Republican voters just aren’t into you.

Soon things start to get interesting, perhaps that his good friend Jack Daniels started kicking?

Wow. Talk about TMI. We’ve seen you sweating Marco; we don’t need that imagery again.

As funny as it was, Rubio made a very valid point. The media’s use of unnamed sources has become a real issue in journalism, especially during a presidential campaign season where every scoop no matter how shady the source can become a viral story.

At the end of the day, voters are no more informed on anything of substance than they were before reading what amounts to gossip. At the same time, news outlets have to listen to their market or go out of business; it’s a complicated issue.

What’s not complicated is Rubio’s newfound “gives no f*cks” attitude. He’s enjoying the privilege of being a failed one-term senator who has nothing but time on his hands. And that should make for plenty of fun viral rants before people stop and remember that they don’t really care about Marco Rubio.

It seems Rubio’s still a little “thirsty” these days.

Marco Rubio

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