Warren Shuts Down Trump Again: ‘I’m Right Where I Want To Be, Calling You Out’ (TWEETS)

Donald Trump was not among the rather large contingent of people hoping that Elizabeth Warren would get the VP nod, and after Clinton’s VP announcement early Saturday, Trump immediately took to Twitter to mock her  — which, given past performances, turned out about as well as you can expect when Warren returned fire with a brutal takedown.


Now, I love a good verbal takedown when I see one, especially when it’s executed against a feckless bully like Trump. Elizabeth Warren has been very effective in this regard, going toe-to-toe with Trump on his home turf — Twitter. And she did it yet again Saturday.

Let’s turn back the clock for a second. Warren, as you’re probably aware, has been a popular VP candidate among liberal democrats for some time. While the idea of an all-woman ticket is extremely progressive, I’ve been very skeptical and I’m ultimately glad she didn’t get the nod. We need more Warrens in Congress.

Trump didn’t waste time going on the attack, though, with a tweet both celebratory and mocking in tone:


Ah, I missed your wit, Donald Trump. I don’t know why; I wouldn’t know what it looked like even if it crawled out from under that thing living on your head with a neon green sign proclaiming, “Casino Mussolini,” but I missed it all the same.

In case you’ve missed their previous exchanges, Pocahontas is Trump’s “clever” way to insult Warren, presumably over Warren’s Native American heritage.

But Warren’s reply — more succulent than my rambling string of insults — showed that she was still interested and capable getting under Trump’s thin skin:



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