War Of Words: Martin Luther King Jr. Vs. Donald Trump (IMAGES)

Martin Luther King Day is celebrated to honor one of history’s most noble of activists. Dr. King’s ideas were revolutionary during a time of continued oppression and divide. As an accomplished orator, he stirred emotion while motivating a generation to demand change. And, with those demands, changes came.

On the other hand, Donald Trump is none of these things but is currently the Republican frontrunner for President of the United States.

Trump’s hateful rhetoric is often defended as just being “anti-pc” or “calling it as it is” or him being “honest.” So, let’s compare those words with those of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who is unquestionably a beloved American icon.

How does Mr. Trump measure up?

On Personal Wealth. . .


On Justice. . .


On The Military. . .


On Health. . .


On Race. . .


Well, that played out exactly as we expected. Sorry Mr. Trump – who’s the loser now?

Featured image via Flickr and Wikipedia

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