WaPo Investigation: ‘Billioniare’ Trump Has Given Less Than $10,000 To Charity Over Last 7 Years

The Washington Post, recently banned from his events, continues its investigative war on Donald Trump; this time exposing what a lying cheap prick he is.

In May, Trump was forced to donate $1 million when the evil liberal media noticed that he had claimed to raise money for veterans’ groups but then neglected to give them any. After that, the Washington Post decided to compile a list of charities he’s donated to and compare it to the amount of money he had promised to donate. It doesn’t look good for the alleged billionaire:

In the past 15 years, Trump has promised to donate earnings from a wide variety of his money-making enterprises: “The Apprentice.” Trump Vodka. Trump University. A book. Another book. If he honored all those pledges, Trump’s gifts to charity would have topped $8.5 million.

But in that time, public records show, Trump donated about $2.8 million — less than a third of the pledged figure — through a foundation set up to give his money away. And there is no evidence that Trump has given to his foundation lately: The last record of any gift from him to his foundation was in 2008.

Of course, Trump swears on a stack of Hitler speeches Bibles that he’s donated like, a gazillion dollars, a huge amount, believe him! But it was all done in private and, somehow, he just can’t seem to produce any records to confirm it. And if you believe any of that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Trump is an attention whore of the highest order. The only reason he does ANYTHING is to either make money to feed his ego or be praised to feed his ego. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

During the Post’s investigation, a clear pattern emerged: Trump would do some public event like release a new book, sell a crappy board game, do a TV show, promise that the proceeds would go to charity and then….nothing. Some time later, he would have forgotten he ever said he was donating the money and brag about how much money he personally made.

Over the last seven years, journalists found that there is only evidence for around $10,000 in charitable giving. By comparison, Trump’s billionaire peers like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have quite literally given away billions.

Trump also tends to donate money when it benefits Trump. Over the course of 4 years (1987-1991), his “charity” foundation donated $1.9 million. A little of it went to the homeless, a very small amount went to AIDS research, even less went to MS research but the rest?

Much of the rest went to charities tied to Trump’s life: society galas, his high school, his college, a foundation for indigent real estate brokers. The School of American Ballet, where Ivanka Trump studied from 1989 to 1991, got $16,750.

A private school that educated Trump’s son, Eric, got $40,000 — more than the homeless, AIDS and multiple sclerosis contributions combined.

This is a man who wants all the credit for being a philanthropist without doing spending of the time, effort or money that requires. He wants the adulation without the price tag. The narcissism is staggering. This is who Republicans have chosen to be their standard bearer? A shallow and shameless phony that exploits the needy for an ego boost while giving them nothing in return?

It’s amazing the GOP went this long without Trump as their leader. They’re a perfect match for each other.

Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

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