Want To Know Who’s Helping Homeless Veterans While GOP Refuses? Syrian Refugees

Whenever you ask a Republican why they refuse to help the Syrian refugees that they created, they immediately start to talk about how we have to help our homeless veterans and children first. As we all know, Republicans do not care about homeless vets and children, otherwise they would not have been blocking legislation to help them and they would not be cutting current benefits to them.

Since Republicans cannot be bothered to help veterans, homeless children or refugees, 2 Syrian refugees are doing it.

Nabil al-Salkini and his brother Yazan al-Salki are recent arrivals to America, after living in Jordan for the past 3 years. While there, they were being “vetted” to be sure they were not affiliated with terrorists.

After their arrival in America, they joined their local mosque and volunteered in an annual event called Day of Dignity. In this event, they hand out sleeping bags, give hair cuts, and provide other necessary items to homeless people, including many veterans who are homeless or in distress.

The brothers said that they want to be able to give something back in thanks to the community that took them in when they lost their home 4 years ago:

Life stopped. We lost our home. It got bombed. Burned down. We couldn’t go to school because civil war started. We were about to be persecuted or killed. I really have hope that other people from my community who are seeking help as I do, have opportunity to come here and start a new life, as we are starting to do…the image of ISIS does not represent us

This will not be covered on Fox News tonight. Instead, they will play back to back segments of angry white Republicans demonizing the refugees their war created. They also won’t talk about the fact zero Syrian refugees conducted any form of terrorism in the U.S. There will never be a thank you from any Republican for helping even one veteran.

Featured image via KUOW.ORG

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