Scott Walker Drops Out–His Dreams Of Busting ISIS Like A Wisconsin Union Are Over

Governor Scott Walker plans to drop out of the GOP presidential race later today, the New York Times first reported on Monday.

Walker is going to be holding a press conference in Madison, Wisconsin at 6 p.m. eastern on Monday. Multiple news outlets have confirmed this news Monday afternoon.

Walker used to be the Tea Party darling, and official Koch Industries candidate, and was hailed by many as the great GOP hope for 2016, due to his ultra right-wing track record of destroying labor unions among other general Republican ignorance. With the assumption of him being backed by the Koch Brothers’ virtually limitless fortune, he was seen as the number 1 draft pick up until Jeb Bush entered the race.

After surviving a recall attempt and winning re-election, virtually every Right Wing pundit was touting his “electability” and insisting he would carry the party to victory in 2016.

Scott walker was slow coming out of the gate when the cycle started, getting lagging poll numbers almost immediately after announcing he was throwing his red clown nose into the ring. His track record of failure to bring jobs to the state, and a huge budget deficit, added on top of legal scandals put even Right Wing voters off to him immediately.

Before this happened, recent polling also showed Walker wouldn’t even be able to carry his home state against the eventual Democratic nominee. With this realization and his lackluster debate performances, there were already projections that he would not make it through the fall.

Walker will go down in history as another failed Tea Party economics experiment. Publicly worshiping Ronald Reagan is not working any longer for Republican candidates, due to the growing realization that Reagan is one of the worst presidents in U.S. history. His own record of terrible mismanagement and personal scandal in Wisconsin also did not endear Walker to voters, since polling showed he couldn’t even carry his own state against the Democratic nominee. One down, 10 more to go.

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