Wahhhhh! GOP Candidates Blame Debate Moderators After Embarrassing 2-Hour Bickering Session

Watching the GOP Presidential debate was an interesting experience to say the least. After Fox News turned the first debate into the “Take Out Donald Trump Show” and failed and CNN managed to make the candidates answer 3 hours worth of questions, CNBC came up with a format that was 2 hours long, like the GOP asked for, that asked very direct questions with the moderators controlling response times.

Now the Republican candidates are all upset because the format of short, stumpy sound bytes spewed forth to the base wasn’t quite what they expected. They ended up instead spending the evening trying to talk over each other and blaming all of their problems on the media.

In a couple of ways it works. Today, the base gets to reset their feelings to the end of the second debate, giving Carly Fiorina a couple of days closing in on double-digit numbers before she tanks again. Donald Trump is still loved by nobody but the most qualified stupid person available to put our support behind. Jeb Bush is still a Bush, and still nobody cares.

The substance of the 3rd debate was that there is no substance. There is only a still ridiculously large field of idiots vying for one spot. They all refuse to drop out for fear that they’ll miss out on Ben Carson or Donald Trump’s supporters when their delusions wear off. Who would have thought Scott Walker was the most intelligent of the bunch?

It really was a spectacle to behold. You can read all about how the GOP is blaming their failures on the “mainstream media” here, or you can watch a pretty nifty video of the candidates interrupting each other here.

There are some who are agreeing with the Republicans about CNBC’s coverage and handling of the debate, but honestly, you have to consider what they were working with. A debate should be an exchange of thoughts between the two or three people running for a position, not a free-for-all yelling match for 10 buffoons, at least 6 of whom have absolutely no chance of beating “margin of error” on primary day.

The Republicans, like most complete political failures, own this one.

Featured image via screen capture

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