Voters Compare Trump To A ‘Drunk Uncle’ And ‘Mom’s Abusive Boyfriend’ In Focus Group

Two focus groups, consisting of 26 men and women, convened at Ohio’s capital to answer pollsters questions regarding the 2016 election sponsored by the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

The two groups, ranging from strongly Democratic to strongly Republican on the political spectrum, were split into two groups (by gender) and were asked about the candidates, mainly Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and their thoughts regarding the perspective frontrunners.

Here’s what the male respondents said about Donald Trump: “idiot” (x2), “inappropriate,” “brash,” “arrogant,” “ignorant,” “arrogant ass,” “bigot,” “confident,” “bully,” “selfish” and “loudmouth drunk at a bar.”

Here’s what the female respondents said: “ridiculous,” “intense,” “egotistical,” “arrogant,” “racist,” “born with a silver spoon in his mouth” and is “going to bankrupt the country.”

According to the pollsters:

Ten out of 12 men and eight out of 14 women said they would not support Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman. “He’s a bully and coward,” “he doesn’t seem like someone I want running the country,” his shtick is “all a show,” and he’s “hateful,” they said…When asked what family member he reminded them of, several referred to him as some iteration of an arrogant, drunk uncle who spouts racist comments at family gatherings. Others said he was like a “shameful in-law” or “mom’s abusive boyfriend.

Congratulations GOP! You picked a real winner as your candidate. Bravo! You’re the now the party that put the racist-spouting domestic abuser as their frontrunner.

Whereas the respondents negatively viewed Hillary Clinton as a “liar,” “deceptive,” “uptight,” “arrogant” and said they “don’t trust” her, they also used positive words like “strong” and leader” as much as the negative words.

The study found that the men praised her gracefulness under pressure, resilience and presidential demeanor amid controversy; the women said she was “smart” and “strong-willed.”

The male respondents regarded Clinton’s persona as that of a hardworking aunt or great-aunt, a sister-in-law who is “graceful” yet fierce or even a spinster who is married to their work. The female respondents regarded her as more of a stepmom who is always trying to prove herself or the bossy older sister.

One responded, a Republican male who said he would never vote for Clinton, changed his mind and gave her the benefit of the doubt after realizing she receives more unfair scrutiny as a woman.

So the Republicans have the arrogant, racist drunk uncle, and the Democrats have the bossy, arrogant aunt who holds it together.

I’ll take a bossy aunt who can hold her own under pressure any day of the week.

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