Virginia Republicans Go Full Trump

The Republican Party of Virginia has decided, screw it, they’re going all in on Trumpism. This is while Republicans all over the country are running away from the orange-haired trainwreck at top speed, some of them even going so far as to, no joke, endorse Hillary Clinton over their own party’s nominee.

But not Republicans in Virginia! They’ve got their man and they’re sticking with him:

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Corey Stewart, a Republican candidate for governor in 2017 who led Trump’s Virginia primary campaign, has been selected as co-chairman of the party’s “Team Virginia” field and communications efforts this year, the party announced Thursday. He’ll share those duties with former Gov. Jim Gilmore, who ran against Trump in the GOP primary.

“With Corey Stewart on board, we will be able to bring together the resource of the Trump campaign and combine them with the resources that the Republican National Committee and RPV have already committed to this effort,” RPV Chairman John Whitbeck said in a news release. “Team Virginia is the largest and most aggressive plan in the history of the RPV.”

(Not to make too much of what is almost certainly a simple typo but it caught my attention that he refers to the “resource of the Trump campaign.” “Resource” as in a single resource. That’s hilariously accurate. It’s no secret that Trump has either not bothered, or has been incapable of, building the campaign infrastructure necessary for a national campaign. Also, Trump has been having difficulties with fundraising since the usual Republican donors either despise him or think he’s a buffoon incapable of successfully running for president. The only thing the Trump campaign has is Trump himself and an arrogant belief that that’s all he needs to win.)

The Republican Party is scrambling to backstop Trump’s laziness/incompetence while still hoping to minimize the down ballot damage of Trump’s disastrous campaign. But it’s a little different in Virginia.

A poll released on Thursday show Trump with 39% of the Virginia electorate supporting him. This may not seem like much but Clinton is only at 42%, making the race a statistical tie at the moment. As the election draw closer, Trump’s support should grow as the right unifies around him. With that level of support, it makes sense for Virginia Republicans to wholly embrace the normally toxic Trump.

But it’s a risky move. If (when) Trump implodes on the campaign trail, he’s going to take down everyone that hitched their wagon to the unstable candidate. Having aligned themselves to Trumpism, Virginia’s Republican Party is going to have a hell of a time advancing their agenda with the Trump albatross around their collective neck.

To which I say, keep up the good work!

Featured image via screen capture from Twitter

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