Virginia Foxx On The Pain Of Working Families: ‘We Work Hard For Our [$174K] Paychecks’

Yes, she said “we.”  Virginia Foxx, Republican Representative from North Carolina, made the most ridiculous budget-balancing argument in history when she posted this on her Facebook page:

Most of us understand what it means to balance a budget. We work hard to get a paycheck. We use that money to feed and clothe our family and keep a roof over our heads. If we’re able, we put a little aside in case of emergency or for a rainy day. We all know the feeling of sitting at the kitchen table, long after the kids have gone to bed, shuffling through bills and pay stubs. But we only spend what we earn. In my family, balancing our budget isn’t just a priority, it’s a requirement. We need to view America’s budget the same way.

Awwww. . . is it tough, Virginia?  Do you have a hard time feeding and clothing your family on your meager $174,000 annual salary with full benefits? How many days did you work last year?  113?

Virginia Foxx, like most of the old-guard cronies who need to expelled via term-limits, has absolutely no idea what it means to live at or around the minimum wage. By “putting away for a rainy day” she means “plunging into the campaign fund for an unnecessary trip to nowhere to meet with nobody.”

Her per diem allowances for travel and vehicle allowances alone dwarf what a mother of two working at WalMart makes in a year, all on the taxpayer dime.

What’s worse is that as a Republican Congresswoman, she spends her time in session adding to the “most useless Congress in history” statistic that will be the legacy of all of the Obama-haters currently soaking in out tax dollars.

Yes, Virginia Foxx only spends what she earns. And, what you earn. And, what I earn.

Luckily for her she can write these diatribes to support a budget plan that makes people like her more wealthy while blaming the poor.

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