Violent Trump Fan Puts Protester In Headlock, Tries To Drag Him Up The Stairs (VIDEO)

A new video is making the rounds, showing Trump supporters verbally and physically assaulting silent protesters at one of the candidate’s notoriously violent rallies.

The recording was taken during a Trump rally at Oral Roberts University’s Mabee Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The GOP candidate was set to be joined by word salad connoisseur, Sarah Palin, who endorsed him earlier in the week.

The 1:44 minute recording begins with several fans of the Republican frontrunner confronting several protestors verbally. One of Trump’s supporters then shoves one of the protesters. You can see one of the protesters bracing himself against the railing of the stairs in the hopes of preventing himself and his friend from being knocked to the ground in the attack.

About 50 seconds into the video, a large man wearing a cowboy hat comes down the stairs, approaching the protesters from behind. He reaches up from above and behind one of the protesters, puts him in a headlock, and begins to drag the man up the stairs by the neck. Security then comes in, breaking up the melee and removing the protesters.

Violence breaking out at one of Donald Trump’s campaign rallies is not an uncommon occurrence by any means.

In October, Trump fans chanted USA as a group of Latino protesters was assaulted at a rally in Florida. A man was thrown to the ground and then kicked. The same month, protesters were spit on during a rally in Virginia.

During a rally in December, as an African American protester was being dragged from the event, the crowd shouted such totally not racist statements such as “Shoot him,” “Kick his ass,” and “Light the motherf—-r on fire!” One man even yelled the Nazi Germany era salute, “Sieg heil!”

Trump doesn’t seem to care one bit that people are being physically attacked his events, and has even egged these violent encounters on. The real estate mogul has formed a solid base of bigoted support through the vile filth he continuously spews forth.

Watch the violent encounter for yourself below, via YouTube.

Featured image via video screen capture.

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