Vincente Fox: Trump Has F*cked Up Hispanic Relations So Bad He’d ‘Have To Be Born Again’ To Fix It

Former Mexican president Vincente Fox said on Friday that Donald Trump has f*cked up relations with the Hispanic community so badly that “he would have to be born again” to fix it.

“He would have to be born again, he would have to start from zero again,” Fox told MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson. “You cannot erase what you said, you cannot back up from the comments you made. We are offended. He has said terrible things and he will never be able to get rid of that. He just cannot do it.”

Fox has been a critic of Trump since the beginning, especially his plan to build a wall along the border that he insists our neighbors to the south will pay for. Fox made his stance on this quite clear in February when he notoriously said, “I’m not going to pay for that f*cking wall.” The former Mexican president eventually apologized for this remark, but on Friday he reiterated that Mexico would  “absolutely not” be footing the bill for Trump’s stupid wall “because we have our pride.”

Fox said that the only way Trump’s wall would become a reality is if he covers the check himself . He added that instead of focusing on building walls “we should use our mind, our intelligence, to deal with this problem in the border to have an orderly border.”

Prior to Trump’s visit to Mexico on Wednesday, Fox said that President Enrique Peña Nieto would be “considered like a traitor” for meeting with the GOP nominee. On Friday, Fox said that Peña Nieto isn’t exactly a traitor yet, but he continued to rip his decision to meet with Trump, who he characterized as “a nobody, a candidate which is losing and dropping in the polls.”

“It was a terrible mistake, a historic mistake, but there is no traitor. If he would have signed something like Santa Anna when Santa Anna sold a piece of Mexico to the United States, then he would be,” Fox said, invoking a historical point of reference. “But here there is no commitment, nothing signed. So the word traitor does not apply. What applies is a big mistake with a high degree of myopia and him delivering on a silver tray to Trump what he came to look for.”

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