Villainous GOP REFUSES To Applaud American Successes Highlighted In SOTU

The Grinches of politics couldn’t be roused to applaud for economic gains, job growth, or any accomplishment by Obama.

Last night, President Obama gave one of the most inspiring and optimistic State of the Union speeches of his presidency. Highlighting economic gains made, insurance access to sick Americans, and growth in the alternative energy industry, the president’s speech was full of great news.

But, one thing was missing during the speech: applause or any recognition from the Republicans in attendance that progress had been made. The villains of the right were exceptionally silent on bipartisan issues such as childcare, women’s equal pay and ‘boos’ could be heard when Obama touted the success of the Affordable Care Act.

Here is the exact moment the President mentioned millions of Americans gaining access to healthcare:

State of the Union 2015

Notice the Republicans at bottom right sitting through the good news. State of the Union 2015

In 2009, when Obama entered office, this country was in crisis and over and over we heard the GOP calling for economic stability, job creation, and that the ACA would bankrupt the country and stymie job growth in the healthcare industry (the opposite has happened).

Those “terrible” plans proposed by “terrible” leadership were inevitably passed and they worked, because America is seeing a Clinton-era economy, a much lower deficit, more jobs created than all other top nations combined and the unemployment numbers in steady decline. The ACA is expected to make the health care industry the most booming industry by 2020 and has not increased our deficit.

One would think the GOP would be elated by the news, but the good news was met with stone sour faces and silence.

Another major gain made was the major reduction in the deficit.

White House

White House

This means the GOP was wrong about the direction the President should have taken, and despite their best efforts to make President Obama look inept by delaying Congress, he has prevailed and so has the country. The GOP was wrong about how to create jobs. They were wrong about trickle-down economics. They were wrong to oppose health care for the reasons they did. The GOP was just plain wrong, and in last night’s speech, all of America should have figured that out.


White House

Here is the GOP not cheering for the thriving economy:


In 2011, after John Boehnor was elected majority leader of the House, he repeatedly lashed out at Obama for slow decline in unemployment numbers. Today, his criticism of Obama’s “failed policies” look foolish and short-sighted.

The President’s SOTU address was also riddled with populous plans which help Americans on any side of politics — conservatives send their children to college, right wing families pay for daycare, conservative women want equal pay for equal work and liberals want these things too. These are bipartisan needs that would help all Americans rise up in this country.

Here was Boehnor’s reaction to equal pay for women:

And there the rest of Republicans sat, with their hands folded in their laps, scowling. Conservative women undoubtedly won’t be represented by their own elected congress and their needs as women, mothers, and bread winners will have fallen on deaf ears once again.

And that’s the kind of Congress Americans are now stuck with.

On the new horizon of change, hope and a sunny future we’re stuck with men and women of the right wing who would rather tell families that it’s a great thing they can only afford one pair of shoes for their children, because all they have to do is put bread bags on their kids’ feet and call it success.

Will Republican Americans ever get the message that trickle down fails every time? Will they ever stop voting against their own interests?

The Senate sweep of 2014 is doted on by the right as sending Washington DC a message that they have failed to hear the American people, but the sane half of America is left scratching their heads, asking, What more do you want?

H/T: State of the Union | Photo: Fox News

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