WATCH: This Video Perfectly Explains Whose Hands Are Up Scott ‘Puppet’ Walker’s A**

Can a college dropout, governing a state rising in both unemployment and debt really be a viable candidate for the Oval Office? Absolutely! If you have the Koch Brothers on your side, that is.

Just as Wisconsin’s Scott Walker. David Koch already let it be known that he’ll see to Walker getting the GOP nomination, and he and brother Charles promised to spend $1 billion in the 2016 race, too.

And when you add in how much influence the Kochs have already had on him, it’s quite apparent they have their hands so far up his ass that Walker has to clear his throat before he can fart.

The Kochs were major donors to his campaigns, including the 2012 recall election. And in exchange, Walker did whatever they wanted. Chopped up environmental regulations on their Wisconsin businesses – cut their corporate taxes – removed their employees’ right to collective bargaining.

And if you don’t hear the word “puppet!” screamed at the loudest his whiny voice can manage, then just check out the new “Puppet 4 President” satire campaign, launched on July 13. Says the site:

As a proud puppet, I can assure you that your values and beliefs will be words that I will utter over the course of this campaign, then promptly forget about once I’m in office — I have campaign contributors to think of, after all!

Want change? Imagine the historic victory it would be to put me — an actual, honest to god puppet — in the Oval Office? To be the Commander-in-Chief of our military! Set domestic policy! End the minimum wage! Cut taxes for the millionaires and billionaires! It’s going to be great.

We are seeing unprecedented momentum in this campaign. My real, live, human supporter base is growing everyday! In fact, I’m proud to announce that two flesh and blood humans are now planning on financing my campaign.

Thanks so much to David and Charles Koch for all of your support!

Text displayed in the video is even more succinct. Following its citation of many media reports confirming their influence on Walker, it concludes:

Want a puppet for president? Vote for the guy with the Koch Brothers hand up his ass.


The site and video were created for the Agenda Project, which invites viewers to donate to its action fund. Founded by Erica Payne in 2010, the Agenda Project promotes progressive ideologies, encouraging voters to be more active in politics.

Featured image from Agenda Project’s video

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