Video Explains Exactly Why Bernie Sanders Is Electable And Has A Fighting Chance (OP-ED/VIDEO)

For Liberals Afraid To Gamble On Bernie Sanders, Watch This

Media Makers for Bernie Sanders made a video breaking down why Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders may not be such a throw of the dice after all.

If you like Bernie Sanders’ platform, vote for him! And let’s be real, while Hillary Clinton is a capable and qualified front-runner, due to the email “scandal” investigation, she’s a gamble too.

Both candidates are qualified and capable, but only one isn’t under a federal investigation, and while I tend to believe that the “scandal” was manufactured by Republicans, it doesn’t change the fact that voters will be subjected to a constant barrage of negative media on the topic. Never mind the fact that if the Senate Intelligence Committee actually finds damning evidence of any wrong doing, it would be a disaster if she was our nominee.

The end goal here is to get a Democrat elected and as liberals we have tough choices ahead of us.

There are two, possibly three spots opening up on the United States Supreme Court and having a Republican president could damage the future course of this country for a very long time. Imagine what Republicans could accomplish by having a majority in the House, Senate, the Executive branch AND the Supreme Court.


I’ll let this guy explain why Sen. Sanders may be the better choice:

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Featured image via Media Makers for Bernie Sanders screen capture

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