Victim Comes Forward: Trump Once Sexually Assaulted A Woman In 12-Year-Old Ivanka’s Bedroom

Friday’s jaw-dropping release of a video in which Donald Trump admits to committing sexual assault has the GOP in a tailspin. The cable news shows are having a field day with it. And other, new, revelations about Trump’s disgusting behavior are popping up every hour, it seems.

One of the women who has been on the unwilling receiving end of Trump’s roamin’ hands has come forward, adding her voice to the growing chorus. Jill Harth spoke to The New York Times‘ Nicholas Kristof about how Trump forced himself upon her in the mid-1990s, when Harth and her boyfriend George Houraney were in business talks with The Donald.

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The first time they met with Trump was on Dec. 12, 1992, when Trump took them to dinner. According to Harth, Trump was “relentless.” She says that he sat next to her and put his hand up her skirt. Harth would take refuge in the bathroom that night, just to escape from Trump’s tiny-yet-busy hands.

Harth and Houraney were running a business in Florida and, wanting to grow, they negotiated with Trump to bring a “calendar girl” beauty contest, music competition, car show and other events to Trump’s New Jersey casinos. The Donald, as he does, talked great plans and the couple ended up in partnership with Trump, who told Houraney “there’s going to be a problem” because he was “attracted” to Harth.

Fast forward to Jan. 24, 1993 when Harth and Houraney were invited to Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida for a celebration of their signing contracts. Some of the “calendar girls” were along for the soiree by Trump’s request. Harth says that Trump was giving him a tour of the estate when he pulled her into an empty bedroom. His daughter, Ivanka’s, bedroom. Let me say that again: his daughter’s bedroom!

“I was admiring the decoration and the next thing I know he’s pushing me against a wall and has his hands all over me. He was trying to kiss me. I was freaking out.”

Eww. Harth managed to extricate herself and ran back to the party. Rather than stay the night as planned, she and Houraney went home. Later, some of the calendar girls testified that Trump had harassed them, too. He went so far as to crawl into bed with one of them in the middle of the night. She kicked him out but was very upset. The woman testified in Harth’s sexual harassment suit against Trump.

Trump continued to try to get Harth to have sex with him while, simultaneously chasing after some of the calendar girls… except for the black ones. He didn’t like them at all and, Harth states, made derogatory remarks about them often. Harth said that Trump tried to drag her to his bedroom to “lie down.” She says that he was never violent with her but she could tell that he thought the whole thing was a game.

“He thinks he’s God’s gift to women.”

This all led to a lawsuit in 1994. Well, two actually. One was for non-payment — what a shock, right? — and another for sexual harassment. Eventually, both were settled: the sexual harassment suit was withdrawn as a condition for settling the non-payment suit. During this time, Harth and Houraney divorced.

After that, Trump redoubled his pursuit of Harth and she, amazingly enough, started dating him. This was between wives #2 and #3. Harth says she only dated Trump because she thought he could help her find employment. She finally dropped him and he took up with Melania.

Trump, of course, denies everything. Even though Houraney confirms everything Harth said in the deposition for her sexual harassment case. Trump once told the National Enquirer that Harth was “obsessed” with him and would “do anything to get into my pants.”

Isn’t that exactly what an insecure man with tiny hands would say? Never mind that the sworn testimony of at least three people — two of them victims — completely belies this. We know Trump is thin-skinned but we’re now seeing that he’s thick-brained, as well.

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