Vice Magazine Suing The IRS To Get Trump’s Taxes

Vice Magazine just launched a lawsuit against the IRS that will send Donald Trump into a frothing rage. After repeatedly claiming that he would release his tax returns if, gee whiz oh golly!, the IRS wasn’t auditing him, Vice decided to call his bluff:

This week, VICE News filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in US District Court in Washington, DC against the IRS demanding that the agency turn over all audits of Trump’s tax returns from 2002 onward. In the suit, filed jointly with Ryan Shapiro, a doctoral candidate at MIT and research affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, we asked the IRS for “any and all requests by law enforcement agencies for copies of… Trump’s individual tax returns” and “any and all records mentioning or referring to requests by law enforcement agencies for copies of individual tax returns.”

This would be a campaign-ending disaster for Trump. Or would it? We’ll know depending on how he reacts. If he shrugs, says, “I don’t care” and does nothing, chances are there’s nothing terribly embarrassing. But that’s not what’s going to happen. Trump is going to sic his lawyers on Vice and make a huge ruckus to keep his taxes hidden and that’s how we’ll know there’s something truly ugly in there.

This is a win-win for Vice. Either they get the records and Trump is screwed or Trump’s attempts at a cover-up make him look guilty as sin and he’s still screwed.

It’s worth taking a moment to point out how little effort the “liberal” media has put into this story. The Beltway commentators occasionally mutter about Trump’s taxes but then spend the rest of the time whining about Hillary’s lack of transparency. It’s obvious that if Hillary refuse to release her tax returns, it would be the Greatest Scandal Of All Time and it would be the only thing on the news for months on end. The double standard is just part of the media’s rampantly irresponsible election coverage.

But Vice is taking its responsibility seriously and they’re not just after Trump’s taxes:

Separately, we named the FBI as a defendant in the suit to gain access documents connected to a pair of comments Trump made on the campaign trail. At a North Carolina campaign rally on August 9, Trump made a comment that was widely interpreted as calling for the assassination of his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

They also asked for the records connected to Trump’s call for Russia to hack the State Department. After all, Trump’s campaign spent months bashing Hillary for being investigated by the FBI for her emails, shouldn’t the public know if Trump is also being investigated by the FBI?

Stay tuned for more on this possibly game-changing story.

Featured image via Joe Mahoney/Getty Images

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