Veterans Group In Colorado Is Handing Out Free Marijuana To Vets With PTSD

Nobody gets as much exploitation from cynical and power-hungry politicians (mostly Republicans) than our veterans. Worse yet, with woefully high rates of suicide and PTSD among our fighting men and women, we seem intent on turning our backs on the very people who always have ours. Republicans love using veterans as political props as much as they love pretending to be working class heroes, but when they’re done fighting to make democracy safer for the defense portfolios, they’re all about cutting their benefits.

But not in this Colorado city….

A cannabis club in Colorado Springs is reportedly passing out free marijuana to military veterans, hoping to offer them immediate relief from such paralyzing issues like post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain.

Last weekend, the Veteran Farmers Alliance group doled  out more than half a pound of pot and marijuana edibles – totaling $1,400 – to veterans in Colorado Springs. The group’s founder, Steve Defino, said other groups encouraged similar groups to follow his lead, and that marijuana was essential for him to deal with his PTSD, which he has fought for a decade.

I’ve been able to actually go through my memories, recall my memories without getting upset anymore, and I’m starting to live my life again like a normal person, Defino said in an interview with KXRM, which reported on the pot giveaway.

Of course, Republicans simply can’t allow a natural leaf, especially one that’s handed out for free, to help people. That would mean admitting that marijuana contains so many different forms of therapy, as well as forgoing big political contributions from the pharmaceutical industry.

Nevertheless, marijuana is especially helpful for veterans because it enables them to slowly re-enter society and socialize. One Iraq War veteran in attendance at the event, for example, told KXRM that marijuana has helped him get some much-needed rest since he started using it three years ago. Prior to that, he said he would go days without sleeping.

‘This saves lives. This will take [the depression or anxiety] off their mind, at least temporarily, until they can find some more permanent help or relief,’ Defino added.

While there still doesn’t exist enough evidence to conclude that marijuana will help all veterans, it’s clear that it helps many. Kudos to Veteran Farmers Alliance for leading the effort and helping our vets.

Featured image via IVN

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